Friday, March 27, 2015

Adventures in Crowdfunding

Hello readers! In this post we want to fill you in on the crowdfunding aspect of the project. Crowdfunding uses short videos and blogs to raise money for causes via social media. Back in December, our whole group got together to film and produce a fundraising video, which we then uploaded to Duquesne's new crowdfunding website. We set an initial goal of $1000, sent out emails to our friends and family, posted links to the website on all of our social media accounts, and waited to see what would happen. Our initial purpose was to raise money to do individual home repairs,  but as you saw in our last post, we ended up working on more community based projects. We kept our donors updated on the projects so that they always knew what they were supporting. We ended up raising $1000 in less than 48 hours, and went on to raise a total of $2372 in just about 4 weeks. It was an amazing show of support from our loved ones, Duquesne faculty, alumni, and many others. Here's a link to our main video- hope you like it!
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-CCME Appalachia trip staff and students

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