Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our volunteer work-Part 2

Hello readers- here's the post you've been waiting for....the one where we tell you all about the high tunnel! RAIL's idea was to start a high tunnel program in Mullens so that its residents could become more self-reliant and learn how to grow and produce their own fruits and vegetables. (For a really cool summary of their ideas check out this news article in the local paper). The money we raised went towards the building and material costs of a large high tunnel and storage shed that would serve as a model high tunnel directly on the grounds of the MOC. The ideas was that Nate, the Americorps leader, would be able to use funding from a research study he was affiliated with to provide jobs to local youth who would attend to this high tunnel as well as use it to teach others how to grow their own produce. We did everything from leveling the ground and digging posts for the shed, to building the walls and roof of the shed, to assembling the high tunnel's frame. It took us two full days of work but look how much we accomplished!!

We've been avidly following the project's progress since we left- other spring break trip crews have come along and continued what we started. We loved knowing that we helped break ground on such a great project! Thanks for reading- check out the next post for reflections on our trip.

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