Friday, March 27, 2015

Mullens, WV-Project Planning

Hello readers! Thanks for checking out our blog. We did not have internet access during our trip, so we're updating our blog now to talk about all aspects of the 2015 Appalachia CCME trip.
So first, let's fill you in on all of our planning.
On Martin Luther King Jr. Day (very fitting) the Spiritan Campus Ministry staff who will be travelling to Mullens, WV over spring break took a road trip down to the site where we will be working to discuss our projects and check in with our contacts there. We met with Dewey Houck, President of the Rural Appalachian Improvement League, as well as organizers who help run the local food pantry. This year, they asked that we focus on donations/projects that will benefit the whole community and not just a few individual families. While in the past we have done home repairs for families, this year we will be doing something a little bit different.
We focused our attention and resources on breaking ground on the first (of hopefully many) “high tunnels” which are greenhouses specially designed to extend the growing season and allow people to grow fruits and vegetables year-round. It is Dewey’s dream that every opportunity for Mullens residents to utilize their own natural resources be taken, and these high tunnels are a perfect place to start. Dewey took us to one of the sites upon which the high tunnels will be built, and we couldn't wait to get down there to start prepping for them! The money we raised will be used to purchase all necessary supplies and materials. We will also be working to help organize clothing and food donations so that they can be sent out to those in need.
We had a great visit with our friends in Mullens and were even more excited for our trip once we knew exactly what projects we'd be working on.
Thanks for your support and keep on reading for more updates.
Peace and love,
Spiritan Campus Ministry Appalachian Trip Staff

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