Saturday, March 28, 2015


Hello readers- overall we had an amazing experience in Mullens. From our volunteer work to our nightly reflection groups to our mass and breakfast with the community to our adventures in yoga and line dancing (see pictures below!), we really bonded with the community members as well as each other and continued a decades long tradition between Duquesne and the Mullens community. Here is a reflection from a student, which provides some insight into how meaningful this trip was to its participants.

Our trip to Mullens was an amazing experience. We truly were welcomed with open arms by every person we met, and were able to understand what makes Mullens such a friendly and loving community to be a part of. While building our high tunnel we were able to work as a team and feel a sense of accomplishment for the service we were doing for the community. It has been exciting to follow the progress of the project since returning to Pittsburgh, and we all hope we can return someday.-Jacky Brady, 2015 Appalachia CCME member

Thank you again for checking out our blog. We're so grateful for this experience, to all of our donors who made the high tunnel project possible, to the community members who treated us like family, and to Duquesne for supporting opportunities like these. We can't wait to see what next year's students accomplish in Mullens!

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