Saturday, March 28, 2015

Our volunteer work-Part 1

Hello readers- in this post we're going to tell you all about the volunteer work we did while we were in Mullens. We took a ton of really great pictures, so we'll let the photos do most of the talking! :)

On Sunday morning, we left early to attend Catholic mass in nearby Pineville. The parish there is very small (only about 12 people, including the priest!) but very welcoming. After mass we served a breakfast we had prepared and visited with the community members. We had a great time learning about Mullens and the neighboring towns from the people that live there.

After breakfast, we drove to the nearby St. Vincent de Paul to help sort through their clothing and paint donations. We got through their entire back room full of bags of clothing, and really enjoyed talking with the staff at St. Vincent de Paul. Here are some before and afters of our work- their facility was now better organized to help get their donations out faster!!

When we returned back to the MOC, we got to hang out more with the students from Christopher Newport University. We made a big community dinner together and just got to know each other. It was an unexpected perk of the trip that we got to meet such amazing students from another university who were also very passionate about community service. We worked really well as a big group and accomplished so much on the high tunnel project together.  (See next post for more on that project!)

Thanks for reading and check out the next post for pictures and info about our major project in Mullens!

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